Marina Elizabeth Anastasia Staley and I were destined to be friends. Our dads were  band mates when they were our age, and we were raised as "cousins". Her and I really started hanging when we both by chance ended up living in Los Angeles, back in 2012. We started a band out there with our friends called Flower Punks. At the time I had never sang in front of people. I had tinkered around on guitar, but didnt even own one at the time. I was more the writer. The photographer. The document-or.  Her and the other members patienrtly  taught me how to be in a band... Mina is a ripper. She is hands down the most savage female musician I've ever seen. She has taught me SO much and has been my biggest muse in my art. Her and I have jumped numerous barbed wire fences, drivin through the night, explored deserts, swam in  oceans, chased sunsets up mountains, and woke up at the crack of dawn to make some of these images. We've played big stages, played very small stages, and have co created a music life together.